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"Mark Deliman as Abigail's combustible Polish lover...other notable turn amid a tireless group effort." 
David C. Nichols - LA Times 

"Mark Deliman as Wojciech Frykowski, provides an energetic and, at times, humorous performance. Unfortunately, he barely appears in the second act." 
Robert Calcagno - Daily Trojan

"Especially worthy in this cast are Mark Deliman as the charmingly nebbishy soldier-suitor Tuzenbakh..."
Lyle Zimskind, LAist Arts & Events

"Her unloved suitor Tuzenbakh (Mark Deliman) is specifically Jewish...other notable among a hard-working cast." 
David C. Nichols - LA Times 



"Mark Deliman is delightful as Wojciech Frykowski."
Joe Straw - theater critic 

"...handsome Deliman was well-cast as a young Russian soldier whose primary goal was winning Irina's heart." 
Jenny Platt,

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